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A Lil Bit O Anime is the podcast that walks the line of being detailed enough for hardcore anime fans but keep it simple enough for the new or casual viewers. Let your host brighten your day as they meet up to talk about anime news, new and classic anime, video games and more every episode. Monica and Elijah invite you the listener to join in watching and discussing featured shows and their “Anime Watch Swap” selections. A Lil Bit O Anime is a Blacken Studios production.

Ep. 52: Reunions, Red Trench Coats & Rowdy Sumo Wrestlers!!!

July 5, 2018


Last time Elijah and Monica used their fist to clear the blue sky and made a lap to see who was the best horse girl in all of podcasting. Elijah eon the Anime Watch Swap Challenge and Hinamatsuri was the topic of talk, tune in to see what your favorite podcast A Lil Bit O Anime has in store!!!!



Get your guns ready, we crash landed on gunsmoke and Elijah 5000 and Monica, the Vivacious Vixen of Voice Acting are on the trail of the humanoid typhoon, Vash the Stampede. That’s not all, we dive into someone else's bento box as we discuss Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro & we get our digivices as we reunite with the digidestine in Digimon Adventure Tri. in this week’s "Anime Watch Swap”. Tweet at us if we forgot anything, you want to debate an anime topic or just show your love for what we are talking about. Join Oklahoma's anime based podcast where you get anime inspired commercials, season reviews and an authentic perspective of anime from two hosts that love anime as much as you!



This Week's Anime : Click the links below to watch these anime and join the conversation

    - Trigun

    - Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro

    - Digimon Adventure Tri


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Watch With Us for Next Week's "Anime Watch Swap":


  Hakyu Hoshin Engi

  - Major 2nd


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